Winter Route 9 (6.5k) – Leisure Center and Morrisons

Right out of the club, right down Leeds Road to the traffic lights by the Town Hall, then left and straight over the roundabout by the Leisure Centre, and STOP at the corner of Scott Road and Flaxley Road. On resuming follow Flaxley Road, then New Millgate, turning right up Finkle Street. Cross over Gowthorpe and down James Street, down alongside Morrisons’ carpark, then left along Portholme Road and Massey Street, crossing Brook Street and STOP outside the chinese restaurant on the opposite corner. On resuming, go down Armoury Road, left along Leeds Road, left into Sandhill Lane and back to the Rugby Club.

When run in reverse, the first stop is outside Morrisons, and the second stop is on the corner of Leeds Road and Scott Road, by the carpet shop.