Summer Route 4 – Thorpe Gates

Left out of club and down the lane to Moat Way. Right onto Moat Way, continue until you come off the footpath halfway down Moat Way. Go across the street, into the cut through between the houses and left onto the edge of the field. Follow the path across the next 6 fields, bear right onto the track and STOP at Thorpe Gates. Left onto A63, left at the Fox pub into Fox Lane. Left at the top of Fox Lane, follow the road until opposite the main Barff car park. Cross the road, out of the back of the car park and clockwise up to the green at the top of the Barff. Across the green, out of the back and turn LEFT. Down the path and STOP at the pedestrian access to the by pass. Left from there onto Mill Lane, past the farm shop down to the bottom. Left onto A19 to Brayton lights, left at the lights, right onto Moss Green Lane, left at the end and back to the club.